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We at KewlTv believe in Free Movies and that TV should be fun and affordable. So keeping in mind these two things this is what kewltv is about. All the TV shows and Free Movies possible just over 40,000 TV shows from North America and around the world that you can watch on demand 24/7 just about any Movies ever made in North America and in the World. We all so have hundreds of international shows of  local and international, News live, may sport like car racing , hockey , football soccer name it we have it. Now this almost sound to good to be true hey!! Not really we are using the internet to bring you thousand of Movies and TV SHOWS in perfect Quality the sky is the limit with our network you can watch Hulu , Fancast , BBC, IPLAYER, and all the TV network no mater what country you are in so don't believe us try us out for FREE JUST CLICK ON THE KEWLTV SUBCRIBE BUTTON ON TOP AND PICK THE FREE BUTTON.
Here are some of the Movies & TV shows networks you can watch on KewlTv just like Netflix but better !! Test Internet Speed
  So this is what you need to have and check before you use KewlTv on your PC or MK808 MINI PC

1.) You need to have a internet provider with high speed at least 2.0 Mpbs
2.) Your internet provider should be unlimited or at least have a 30 MB internet or more package.
3.) You need a computer with Windows XP or Win 7 or a Mac with IE , Firefox or
Chrome browser is recommended there is button below for you to download Chrome from Google much faster browser for watch video IE from Windows is slow and freeze way to much so please install Chrome browser so you can enjoy KewlTv.
4.) A video card on your PC with HDMI out plug right up to you television most LCD TV or Plasma also have a VGA port that all PC have or you can just watch it on your Computer or Lab top
5.)If you have any more questions you can contact us or call us at : (514) 227-8710
Team Viewer download Get Google Chrome
  When you subscribe you will get INSTANT ACCESS to KewlTv Free Movies and TV shows web server. If you subscribed to our full package with the connection software you still get access right away and after about 24 hour later you will receive your KewlTv SMARTDNS NUMBER  and after you set it up you can watch all the networks and international  channels on our system and we will have a detail description on how to set it up on your computer if you have problem in getting it to work or understand how it work you can check out the help page and video on the help section .  
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